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Bringing together the best experts

SkillCell works in collaboration


Bringing together the best experts

SkillCell works in collaboration

For each application and development, SkillCell’s strategy is to systematically collaborate with the best experts of the domain. The company created and is continuously expanding a network of global experts that include brilliant inventors, talented teams of scientists and skilled industry professionals.


SkillCell performs its R&D in collaboration with Sys2Diag laboratory. Part of the French CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research), Sys2Diag is a private-public research structure created to fast-track the development of innovative approaches in the field of diagnosis. This highly interdisciplinary research unit combines complementary renowned expertise in the development of next generation diagnostic tools. At the crossroad of medical research, biotechnology design and algorithms development, Sys2Diag aims to develop visionary and life-changing diagnostic tests in various fields including health, food&drink, environment.

Its main strengths include:

  • A cutting-edge research to develop innovative applied solutions
  • A strategic focus on personalized medicine, POC (Point of Care)
  • An efficient management of interdisciplinary and integrative research
  • A proven capacity for fast-track innovation
  • A strong complementarity with the industry

UFR Antilles

SkillCell is committed to meeting the specific needs of its region, Guadeloupe. In this context, the company collaborates with the University of the Antilles and more specifically with the laboratory COVACHIM-M2E, which is specialized in Chemistry of materials, Environment and Energy. SkillCell and the laboratory collaborates in particular around the theme of chlordecone detection (a pesticide commonly used in the Caribbean at the end of the 20th century).

CHU Pointe à Pitre

SkillCell collaborates with the teaching hospital of Pointe-A-Pitre, Guadeloupe (CHU de Pointe-Pitre) for clinical studies, for example on the subject of diabetes prevention.


With common values and vision, SkillCell is partnering with the French public research institution, the IRD. This institution defends an original model of equitable scientific partnership with the countries of the South, as well as an interdisciplinary and citizen science committed to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The IRD is a major player in sustainability science.

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