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Press Release: Covid-19

23 apr 2020

Les Echos – EasyCov, un test salivaire de dépistage rapide du Covid-19

Un simple prélèvement de salive pourrait permettre de savoir, en trente minutes, si un patient est porteur du coronavirus. C'est l'objectif du projet EasyCov, qui vise à mettre au point un test salivaire de dépistage rapide du Covid-19, qui sera utilisable par le corps médical. Des essais cliniques sont en cours au CHU de Montpellier sur 180 personnes, afin d'évaluer son efficacité et sa fiabilité.


15 apr 2020

Professeur Reynes du CHU de Montpellier

Congratulations to Professor Reynes from CHU de Montpellier for its work on Covid-19, which includes but is not limited to a clinical study aroud SkillCell test EasyCOV, a salivary test to diagnose Covid-19!


11 apr 2020

M6 – 19.45, samedi 11 avril 2020

EasyCOV, a rapid and easy to use salivary Covid-19 test; no lab required. Saliva is a major vector in the spread of covid19 virus, EasyCOV is therefore highly relevant to support reopening urgent strategies. SkillCell and Sys2Diag CNRS launched a clinical trial with CHU de Montpellier to validate EasyCov real-life performance. EasyCov launch expected in early May 2020.

Watch SkillCell CEO Alexandra Prieux intervention on M6 TV news programm at 6’00.


24 mar 2020

Franck Molina in CARE committee

Franck Molina, director of research of Centre national de la recherche scientifique, and who created SkillCell technology for simplified diagnostic tests that can be performed on the field, joined the CARE Committee, The Committee for Analysis Research Expertise, created by Emmanuel Macron to face COVID-19. We are happy that his great expertise is recognized and used for the benefit of the country.


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