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Micrometric drops inserted into a matrix
Micrometric drops inserted into a matrix

SkillCell tests consist in micrometric drops inserted into a matrix, for example gel beads. These drops are derived from SkillCell patented technology which is at the intersection of biology, chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics, system modelling and microfluidics. It allows to:

  • Solve complex algorithms, consisting in biomarkers sensing, processing and output production;
  • Miniaturize fully equipped laboratories and replace them by SkillCell micro-drops.

Lab in a drop

At the heart of each test are SkillCell patented micro drops. These intelligent micro drops are able to interact with their environment, perform multiple laboratory-like analyses and answer complex questions. 

SkillCell micro drops replace in themselves fully equipped laboratories and are contained in the user’s pocket.

Molecular resolution of algorithms

Similarly to a digital approach where electronic compounds are used, SkillCell uses biochemical pathways to solve algorithms. SkillCell micro drops are made of selective membranes encapsulating a set of molecules, enzymes, etc. The membranes are designed to allow the selective passage of biomarkers inside the micro drops where they:

  • React with the present elements according to predetermined biochemical pathways;
  • Produce physicochemical outputs such as colored molecules.

SkillCell tests are exclusively composed of safe biochemical natural compounds. As such, they are non-toxic, non-polluting and fully biodegradable. Furthermore, SkillCell tests contain no DNA and are non-living object. Therefore, they do not multiply, migrate or evolve, making their use entirely safe.


SkillCell technology allows the development of tests of various forms and formats. As such, SkillCell adapts the format of each test to better meet the clients’ needs.

SkillCell test can for example take the form of:

  • Gel beads;
  • Semi liquids gel;
  • Test bands;
  • Patches;
  • Liquids;
  • Sprays;
  • Etc.

Similarly, results may be given in different forms. For example, the test results may be visualized via a change of color. It is also possible to interface SkillCell drops to electronic devices so that the result appears for example on a smartphone screen.