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Custom design

Tests designed for your specific needs

Micrometric drops inserted into a matrix

Custom design

Tests designed for your specific needs

Micrometric drops inserted into a matrix

The SkillCell “lab in a drop” concept was designed to imagine and develop limitless test and analysis possibilities. SkillCell is making its technology available to industrial partners and third parties and proposes to develop products based on customer specifications.

SkillCell supports you throughout your test design, development, optimization and industrialization:

  • Test specification definition;
  • Specific biomarker selection;
  • Specific micrometric bioreactor design;
  • Test format selection (spray, gel, etc.) and output;
  • Support for field tests, clinical trials, etc.
  • Determination of the best production methods depending on the applications.

With a first CE-marked diagnosis test that helps to manage Metabolic disorders, SkillCell has proved its ability to develop and produce reliable, effective and critical new generation technology. Its aim is now to distribute the SkillCell concept to a large number of users: Healthcare and food industry, agriculture, environmental companies, the general public, etc. covering critical fields of application using specific biomarkers that can be:

  • Pathological, related to a disease (e.g.: Metabolic disorders: Type 2 diabetes, Obesity, NASH…)
  • Nutritional, related to food and drink (e.g.: Glyphosate)
  • Environmental, related to aggressive environments (e.g.: mosquito species threats)
  • Others, related to specific biotechnological issues (e.g.: industrial bioprocesses)

Limitless tests and analyses possibilities

T = 0: Question definition

  • Identification of molecular biomarkers
  • In silico design of potential solutions
  • In silico tests of solutions

T + 3 months: Feasibility validated

  • In vitro tests
  • Optimization

T + 1 year: Optimized prototype

  • Tests on the field
  • Clinical studies
  • Regulatory files
  • Industrialization

Finished product

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