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SkillCell works in collaboration with Sys2Diag
SkillCell in collaboration with Sys2Diag

SkillCell performs its R&D in collaboration with Sys2Diag laboratory. Sys2Diag is part of the French CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research). It takes the form of collaborative private-public research structure and was created to fast-track the development of innovative approaches in the field of diagnostics. This highly interdisciplinary research unit combines complementary and renowned expertise in the development of next generation diagnostic tools for complex diseases. Sys2Diag has established a tight international collaboration network with main actors. 

Sys2Diag main strengths include:

  • An cutting-edge fundamental research to develop innovative clinical solutions
  • A strategic focus on personalized medicine, POC (Point of Care) and a connected approach
  • An efficient management of interdisciplinary and integrative research
  • A proven capacity for fast-track innovation
  • A strong complementarity with the industry